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Everyone loves a cute little charm hanging from their favourite adventure backpack! Spice up your zine bundle with the addition of two extra charms, double sided, and assembled with lots of love and care! They inlcude a layer of glitter epoxy to make them even more special, and to protect the vibrantly printed artwork from scratches. These charms are zine exclusive, and will not be sold elsewhere!

Charm details:
- 2 inch size
- Printed on clear acrylic, with a layer of glitter epoxy on one of the sides for extra protection and sparkle
- Fitted with a metal clasp to attach to any zipper of choice
- Double sided: the Ness charm has the same illustration on both sides, while the PK Starstorm has different illustrations on either side.

All the earnings go directly towards the Tim Horton's charity, benefiting children in need towards happy summer camp experiences. Cause that's what bein' friends is all about! Read more on their website https://www.timhortons.com/ca/en/childrens-foundation/index.php/

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